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Eco facts

Green Island Resort Eco Facts

Green Island Resort is widely regarded as one of the world’s most eco-sensitive tourism developments. Structurally, all resort buildings and infrastructure (e.g. boardwalks) were built with minimal vegetation clearing, in many cases the structures were built around the trees. No building extrudes above the tree canopy, therefore preserving the natural appearance of the island from the water, shoreline and air.

Water Supply - The majority of the Resort’s structures have no gutters ensuring that the rainfall is allowed to fall and replenish the moisture levels required to support vegetation from the island aquifer. The Resort also has a desalination plant in order to preserve natural underground water.

Sewerage – The Resort has a tertiary sewage treatment plant, one of the most sophisticated of its type in Australia. This safe, high quality effluent is used primarily for toilet flushing, irrigation and fire fighting reserves, to further minimize impact on the environment.

Power Supply - The Resort is self sufficient for power which is provided by four diesel generators enclosed in a sound proof building to prevent noise pollution.

Waste Management & Recycling - Waste disposal on Green Island is prohibited and all waste is barged back to the mainland for disposal, therefore the re-use of materials where possible is strongly encouraged. The Resort has been honoured with numerous awards for its eco-sensitive practices including, Australia’s Clean Beach Challenge, and Resource Conservation and Waste Management Awards.

Green Island Resort has been awarded Advanced Ecotourism Certification for preservation and commitment to the island’s rainforest and reef surrounds, and the management of this world class eco-sensitive resort.

Eco Facts

Eco Facts